Symantec Norton Antivirus Renewal Date?

Norton antivirus support

Symantec Norton AntiVirus support

Norton Antivirus by Symantec is one among the best anti-virus software programs designed to protect PCs as well as Mac operating systems. It provides excellent protection against malicious viruses and does not permit suspicious websites to infiltrate malicious software into your system.

How to check when you need to renew your Symantec Norton AntiVirus?

You will be issued a renewal date as soon as you have registered your product using the product key for the first time. In order to ensure highly efficient protection, it is necessary to enter a new product key after 365 days so as to obtain another year of subscription and continued protection. Failure on your part to renew the same will result in a trial version that will run for around 15 or 20 days after which your system’s security will be at risk.

Product key

     Norton AntiVirus support team

To check the date by which you need to renew your Symantec Norton AntiVirus subscription so as to prevent it from expiring, login to your official Norton account. This account will give you answers to anything that you might want to know about the various products and services. You can use this account to find out the exact date on which your subscription started and the exact date on which you will be required to renew it. Norton Antivirus Support is available 24/7 to help you with this. But for now, you could try these steps to get the required information.

  1. To start with, connect to the internet.
  2. Navigate to the official ‘Norton Account’ website. Select the ‘Sign In’ option and in the username and password fields, enter the respective username and password of your Norton account. Your account information was given to you at the time of purchase along with your Norton Antivirus registration information. Select Sign In to access your account page.
  3. From this page, select My Products.
  4. Now, click on Norton AntiVirus.
  5. Next to Expiration Date, check the date that has been listed. This is the last day for you to get your Norton Antivirus subscription renewed as it will expire after this date.

These are the basic steps to find out exactly when your Symantec Norton AntiVirus subscription will expire. If you still have doubts, simply navigate to Symantec’s official website and look for online Norton antivirus support. If even that does not help, you can always contact the Symantec’s Norton antivirus customer care team to avail expert assistance.

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Scan And Remove Hidden Spyware In A Computer


How to remove hidden spyware

A spyware is a form of malware that installs itself in your computer system and works in the background without your knowledge. The level of damage it can cause to your data depends upon the complexity of the algorithm of the spyware. Spywares remain hidden inside the computer system and copy your data without the user’s permission. It is important to regularly check your computer for spywares as they can steal sensitive data like bank details, passwords, confidential documents etc. Steps to detect and remove hidden spywares are given below.


  • Shut down your computer. Turn it on again and tap the “F8” button repeatedly when the computer starts up. This opens the Boot Menu.
  • A list of startup options appears on screen. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll down and select “Safe Mode”.  Hit the “Enter” button.
  • Install an Antispyware program using an installation CD or through the internet. To install using the CD, insert the installation CD and follow the steps one by one.
  • If you are installing through the internet, go to the web page of the antispyware program and navigate to the download page. Click on the “Download” button on the download page. Open the installation file that appears and follow the on screen prompts.


    Help and Support for Spyware problems

  • Open the antispyware program using the desktop shortcut or from the start menu. Check if all the virus databases and signatures are up to date by clicking on the “Help” menu in the taskbar. This is important as old definitions will not help detect new spywares.
  • Initiate a complete scan of the computer. It takes a while to finish the scan process, wait till it finishes scanning all the files. Do not run any programs when the scan is going on as this affects the performance of the computer.
  • The antispyware program will show a list of all spywares detected on your computer system. Review the list and verify if any recognized programs are present in the list. If there are any, make a backup of such programs or uncheck them from the list.
  • Proceed to removing these spywares by clicking on the “Next” button. Follow the instructions provided in the window to remove these infections.
  • Click the “Finish” button when you are done.

Running Windows on safe mode ensures that no spywares can interrupt during the scanning process. Repeat the process often to prevent future attacks and keep your computer safe.

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Using Activity Monitor To Check Gmail Security

        Gmail Account Security features

Gmail is one of the most popular web-based email service platform used worldwide. This email service provides many features including the advanced options for account security and management. This places it as among the top email services for many users. Like its popular search engine, Google provides this service along with many options free of cost to the user.

When it comes to the security of its user’s accounts, Google has provided the email service with many features that ensures the highest account security. It allows a user to protect and detect any theft or unauthorized access. Gmail has the feature to record the history of every log in by tracking the Internet Protocol address. This can be checked by going to the link provided at the bottom of the Gmail page below the Inbox. This security feature is further enhanced by Google from 2010 by alerting any log in from a different country or many unsuccessful log-in attempts. In case of Gmail account hacked, user will be alerted by a message at the top of the screen.

Checking the Unauthorized Login Attempts

You can check the attempted login by an unauthorized user to your account by following these steps.

Click on the Details link displayed at the bottom of the screen below the Inbox. This link is available at the end of the line that starts as Last account activity. By accessing the link, a user will see a list of 10 recent logins with the details of the type and locations of

           Protect A Gmail Account

the logins. If the login is from a different device, location of from a different country, a Gmail account hacked notification may be brought to the user’s attention.

You don’t need to panic or be worried about this as you have detected the unauthorized access and it can be fixed to prevent further access.

You can click on the tab that reads Sign out all other sessions. This action will block all the unauthorized access to your account. Change your password immediately after this. Your new password should not be related to the old one and use an alphanumeric password for the new selection.

These measures will enhance the security of your Gmail account and stop any unauthorized access that may expose important data or allow for the theft of your personal information. Besides these guides, keep yourself updated about the latest on internet security and tools for mitigating threats.

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Top Antivirus Software For Smartphones


Best Anti Virus for Smart Phones

As Smartphones get smarter, they also become more vulnerable to viruses. Most of us believe that an Android smart phone, which is not a fully fledged PC, is immune to viruses and other malicious programs. But the reality is that Android Os has less security when compared with other mobile operating systems such as Linux, or the iOS. Once your Smartphone is hacked, the hacker can pull out your personal information without your knowledge!

How to protect your Smartphone?

An Android Smartphone can be safeguarded by installing an antivirus that is exclusively designed for phones. This application can prevent your computer from malicious codes such as Trojans, spyware and malwares. So it is always better to install an antivirus software in your Smartphone.

Which Antivirus application to go for?

The AVG antivirus is the most commonly used protection when it comes to Smartphones. With the inbuilt scanner, it checks for virus infections or other threats that might be posing as normal applications. The Real Time protection mode in AVG antivirus will check for infections while you try to download any application from the internet. Whenever you download an application, the software checks the trustworthiness of the website, and the authenticity of the file being downloaded. AVG software blocks those files which can cause harm to your device.

Smartphone antivirus

How to protect your Smartphone

With AVG antivirus, you can also set scan times according to your wish, and scan your SD card for infections. It also features a Locator tool which can be used to locate your phone in case it is lost. Another feature is the Spyware scanner that can be used to detect and remove infections of that sort.

Lookout Security & Antivirus is another application that is widely used by Android users. The application has similar features as that of AVG, where you can perform scans according to your preference. Find My Phone feature in Lookout Security & Antivirus, similar to Locator in AVG, can be used to find your phone in case it is lost. The trial version of this application can be downloaded for free from their official website, and you will have to pay $2.99 every month to use the application further. A version for phone is also available on the market.

These are best two antivirus applications for Smartphones as per rating and performance reviews. Install one if you haven’t already, and keep your Smartphone protected!

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How To Stop Norton Antivirus Support Loader

Antivirus support

Norton Antivirus Support

Norton Support Loader is a component of Norton Antivirus program, the pioneers in Antivirus manufacturing business. The main purpose of the Norton Support Loader is to facilitate the user report errors and obtain the help from the technical support utility.

Usually, the programs running in the backdrop of your computer will interfere with the performance of the system. If your Norton support Loader has not been adjusted in the settings, it will run continuously in the background, using the computer resources and consuming memory. Since Norton support loader program can be accessed by the Program menu, it is not necessary to run the program constantly in the background.

You can get the help of Norton Antivirus support function to remove the program to improve the performance of your computer.


1)       Navigate to the bottom left hand side corner of the screen and select start.

2)      Locate and choose the Run option in the start menu. You can find it in the All programs list. And then choose Accessories.

3)      Choose run to begin the program.

4)      Enter by typing, msconfig in the field adjacent to the Open option.

5)       Choose on the startup tab in the configuration box. You can find a list of programs.

6)      Try to place the cursor in between the Startup item and Manufacturer, when the cursor comes to a plus sign, move it to the right to see the start up item text.

7)       Read through the list till you find the Norton Support Loader. If you cannot see the program within this list, move on to step 9. Uncheck the box, then click apply and then choose OK. If you cannot see the program within this list, move on to step 9.

8)      Restart the machine.

9)       Repeat steps 1 through Step 4, by using services.msc to disable the Norton Support Loader permanently.

10)   Now, change the start up option for the Norton Support Loader.

11)   Locate the program in the list and choose on the name. You can see a blue highlight bar. Choose right click on the bar, Select Properties option from the drop down menu.

Antivirus program

Norton Antivirus

12)   Choose the downward facing arrow. For startup type, choose the option, Manual.

13)   Select Apply and then choose OK.

14)   Now, restart the computer to effect the changes made.

You can avail the help of Norton Antivirus Support representatives to resolve any issues regarding the disabling of the Norton Loader. The support personnel will address your issues and provide solutions as early as possible.

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