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Antivirus programs are computer applications that detect, protect and prevent the malicious software including virus, malware, spyware and worms from infecting the computer. These viruses are programs that have been designed to interfere with the general operations of the computer. These programs are instrumental in corrupting and deleting useful data and spreading themselves to other computer systems. It is important on the part of a computer user to install a suitable antivirus program to safeguard the system from the virus and other malware infections. Also, you need to run the latest updates so that your computer is totally secured against such harmful programs.

Microsoft Antivirus software (MS Antivirus)

Microsoft antivirus software was launched by Microsoft Corporation for different versions of the Windows operating system. It is designed to run quietly in the background and will not drain the CPU of processing power and memory of space. Further, there will be a marked reduction in the slowdown of the computer performance.

Microsoft Windows are often susceptible to virus attacks and Conficker and Zeus worms. These programs exploit the flaws in the Windows operating system and are extremely difficult to remove as it uses many advanced techniques of infection. These infections are so malignant that such instances have been known to bring down systems to a complete standstill. To guard against such threats, Windows users are urged to update their systems (Microsoft Security Essentials) through the official website of the company.

Virus and malware

Viruses spread by reproducing and placing themselves in programs, files and email attachments. It can be easily attached to emails and files to be burned onto CDs, DVDs and any other digital media. It can successfully infect any program and files stored within your computer and will subsequently access all your vital personal information.

Antivirus programs

Protect your computer with Microsoft Antivirus

MS antivirus programs will safeguard your computer against all possible attacks of malware, spyware, worms, Trojans and root kits.

While choosing the best antivirus program, you need to consider the protection coverage for your computer. You can rely on the general internet security suite; which is a collection of software programs that is specifically intended to protect your computer from all possible virus and malware infections through the internet. The key features to be included in the internet security suite are antivirus, antispyware, firewall security protection anti-phishing features and online support services. Always go for original products from reputed developers. Apart from Microsoft some of the other names in the antivirus industry are Kaspersky, McAfee and Symantec and so on.




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