Do You Know How To Disable Spyware Action?


antivirus software

Last month I bought an HP laptop with windows 7 operating system installed on it. Being a standard internet user I installed Avast antivirus on my system since it is one of the most secure and trustworthy antivirus software program which continuously look for viruses, and adware and clean up the same.

What is a computer virus?

A virus is a computer program which has got the ability to replicate itself and may alter the proper functionality of the computer system. Sometimes it can spread from one system to another system through the network connection.

Many people think that the virus and spyware are same, but they are not, spyware doesn’t have the reproductive ability.

Antivirus software

Antivirus programs are the software programs which are used to detect and clean up all the unwanted and malicious files that cause harm to the computer system.  Some antivirus programs are always active within the system and it automatically looks for the presence malicious files.

Some virus removal tools become active only when it is called up for the action. Then you have to enable the antivirus action manually to scan your system for virus infected files. If you have any virus removal tool run on your system, then you might encounter some issues while trying to install a new application on your system, so it’s better to disable the antivirus action manually before performing the  installation procedure.

By following the instructions mentioned below you can easily disable the antivirus software program installed on your system.

Instructions for disabling antivirus program


virus removal software

  • First of all turn on your windows computer.
  • On the windows home screen, you were able to view a task bar at the bottom. Now find out the antivirus program icon on the task bar. In normal situation it is seen in the bottom right corner just near to the clock icon.
  • Once you locate the antivirus program, right click on it. This will open up a small menu with a list of options in it.
  • Select Exit or close option depending on the operating system that you are using.
  • To disable the antivirus action, hit on the disable button. Now restart your system and make sure that the antivirus program is temporarily disabled.

Hope you enjoyed understanding and have a great time ahead. Ciao!

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